The Pursuit

Do you find it difficult to balance your work schedule, daily tasks, staying in shape, and spending quality time with the people you care about? Allow us at Happily Ever Healthy to be of assistance!

Our Couple Plans are designed with you and your other half in mind, so you can spend more time and get in shape together.

People living in the Pittsburgh, PA area who prefer a more traditional in-person health and fitness program have the option of becoming one of our personal training clients.

If you are unsure about what plan is right for you, please contact Happily Ever Healthy for a complimentary initial consultation to help you make your decision.


If you are interested in beginning a health and fitness consulting plan with Happily Ever Healthy, please download and thoroughly read one of the client contracts below. All standard plans have an initial 1-month commitment. All of the customized plans have an initial 3-month commitment because these plans are completely individualized towards the specific goals of each participant. In order for participants of a customized plan to start seeing the results they would like, a minimum of 3-months of training is required.

Once you choose a plan please proceed to PayPal to make your purchase. After your purchase is complete you will be redirected back to our order confirmation page to agree to the client contract.

Download the Standard Plan Client Contract

Download the Customized Plan Client Contract

By signing-up for a plan you will be invited to The Pursuit group on Facebook! This is Happily Ever Healthy’s exclusive group for participants of our health and fitness consulting plans. Our goal is to build a strong community that motivates and encourages each other. In The Pursuit you will be able to share your progress, healthy recipes you have tried, or ask fitness related questions. Together we can achieve our goals by pursing a Happily Ever Healthy lifestyle!