Elaine P.

“I was always reluctant in hiring a personal trainer but exercising on my own was something unthinkable. Until the day that the physiotherapist demanded to look for one. According to my doctor, I was falling apart!!! Low back pain, hips pain, knees pain and frozen shoulder. So I started with Jeff; Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable and attentive; In any moment he leaves me alone doing an exercise and correct me in the minimum details. It makes all the difference when we need to build a trusted relationship with our personal. I’ve built an active lifestyle, more conscious about eating and prepared to do my daily activities and still follow an exercise program.
My most important achievements during this time training with Jeff are having my hips mobility back, my low back pain reduced to almost nothing and knees pain as well. I feel so strong now. Therefore all these have greatly contributed to my self esteem and confidence. Forever grateful to this great professional!”