Brian M.

“I gotta say, after just finishing this program, I highly recommend it to ANYONE who wants to better themselves whether you’re new to working out or have been working out for years. In the 60 days, I’ve lost 11 lbs and 1.25 inches off my waist while still increasing my strength numbers each week. This isn’t your conventional lifting program, this program definitely changes it up and challenges you each and every workout. The trackers provided are super helpful with tracking your progress as far as weights, meals, etc. I constantly use it as a reference to push myself to go heavier and do more than the last session and it helps me account for my meals and see what changes I need to make when I’m trying to dial in my macros. It really does keep you honest, but like any program you have to be honest with yourself. Jeff does a great job providing feedback and holding you accountable as well. He absolutely puts your needs and success first. Any questions I had or changes I had to make the program fit with my schedule, Jeff was always readily available and eager to help make it work. The initial interview was very in depth and it was nice to see a coach take a big interest in their client. Mind you, I’m on a different continent 7-8 hours ahead and Jeff and I had zero issues keeping in touch and making this program work. You 100% get out of it what YOU put into it. Trust the process and give this a shot.”