Benefits of “picking things up and putting them down” – Weight Training

Today for our training topic let’s talk about weight training! As I discussed in our fitness origin stories, weight training has been a passion of mine for quite a while now. I believe that in order to get stronger each and every day you must break yourself down to build yourself back up again. This … More Benefits of “picking things up and putting them down” – Weight Training


This week for our training topic let’s take a step back by not necessarily focusing on exercises per se, but how we get to the conditioning portion of a workout session. You might think that exercise is exercise, but wait, did you start your last session feeling extremely stiff beforehand or possibly suffer an injury … More Warm-up

Proper Breathing

Today we are talking about the thing that you should be doing now if you are alive and reading this blog: Breathing! But as some of you may notice, breathing isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be, especially during exercise or times of stress. Proper breathing technique can help decrease any … More Proper Breathing

Hump Day Highlight

Yesterday was such a nice day that once I got home from work Chester and I decided that we would go slacklining by the river. See, exercising doesn’t always mean working out in a gym. It can also mean going outside to play and be active! To get your own slackline, simply visit our Just … More Hump Day Highlight

The Row

This week’s training topic is about a pulling motion called the row. This movement can take many different forms such as a seated row, bent-over row, or even an inverted row, but the idea is still the same. The row can encompass movements of pulling objects toward you from a level height, picking up objects … More The Row


Cheers to the weekend! Usually at the end of a week people want to let loose and indulge themselves for a day or two. That is certainly fine every now and then, but going overboard on sweets/snacks/alcohol every weekend can seriously hinder any progress you are trying to make on your health. That’s why we … More Tea