Online Fitness Training

The Pursuit is our solution to all the barriers that can get in the way of achieving a healthy and fit life.

With our assistance you’ll be able to:

  • Start and maintain an exercise program wherever is convenient for you
  • Save time with ready-made workouts you can access right on your phone
  • Have access to the guidance of a fitness professional 24/7
  • Finally achieve your goals with quality and effective workouts

Let’s face it, you’re busy. You don’t have an excess amount of free time to dedicate to a hardcore exercise regime that requires you to travel to a gym or expensive studio and spend hours on end busting your butt to see no results. Neither do we. That is why all of our training is done virtually. You just download our app and see your workouts right on your phone. You don’t need a ton of expensive equipment only found in big box gyms. You can literally do the workouts in your living room. If you do choose to have some more personal interaction with us, we can be right there coaching you from your laptop (and we won’t judge if there is laundry on the floor behind you). Our programs are built for your busy lifestyle because we get it. And you know what, they work.


Thanks to today’s technology, you no longer have to go to a physical gym and meet with a trainer to get a quality exercise program. By signing up for one of our plans and using our app, you get first class workouts designed by an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer that you can do wherever is convenient for you. Through the in-app messenger, you can ask questions or reach out to an expert if you need some assistance. You’ll also receive encouragement from your trainer to keep you motivated along the way. Each exercise is paired with a quick video demonstration, so you can easily see the proper form for what you are supposed to do. The app will also track your activity levels and personal bests as you complete workouts. And the best part, it’s affordable. Using the Happily Ever Healthy app will save you tons of money versus going to an in-person personal trainer. That is because we want to see as many people as possible achieving their fitness goals, and living their happiest and healthiest lives.

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By joining a training program you will be invited to Happily Ever Healthy’s exclusive Facebook group, The Pursuit. Here you will meet like-minded people working towards their fitness goals. You can ask questions, share your progress, and find the motivation and accountability you need to keep going!

Customized Programs

If you would like a fitness program designed specifically to your goals and continuous support from your trainer, then a customized program is for you. This program gives you more of a traditional personal training experience, while still keeping everything virtual. Your trainer will design a program that is specific to your goals, and you will have regular support through messaging and email. With this option your trainer will encourage and coach you along the way as well as modify your fitness program to your needs. Space is limited so apply NOW for your FREE consultation!

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The Pursuit Fitness Programs

With our Pursuit Fitness Programs, you will receive an 8 week exercise program designed for your fitness level for less than $8 a week! Each 8 weeks you will automatically receive a new program. This gives you enough time to master one program and be able to see results before moving on to the next. However, it also keeps you and your muscles from getting bored because every 8 weeks you are doing something new!

The workouts are designed to be performed wherever is convenient for you. The only equipment needed is a pair of dumbbells and resistance bands. Need to step up your home gym? See what products we recommend!

Your Pursuit program will begin the next Monday after enrolling, or on that day if you enroll on a Monday. All of your workouts are scheduled out for you in the in-app calendar, but you can reschedule your workouts in the calendar depending on what is most convenient for your schedule. Until your program begins, join our mailing list to receive our FREE 5-Day Workout Plan, which you can do in the meantime!

Price: Each 8 week program is split into two payments of $29.99. That’s less than $8 a week! Enroll Now!

Choose your fitness level:


Beginner is perfect for people who are new to exercise, or who have not previously followed a regular fitness routine. This program will be a great introduction to exercise if you are looking to lose weight or better your health.


Intermediate is great for people who are familiar with exercise, or who have probably followed a regular fitness routine before. This program will offer progressions of basic exercises to make sure you are challenging your body to see the results you want.

Advanced is an excellent choice for the old pro who probably played sports or whom has a strong history with fitness. This program will offer progressions of intermediate exercises to bring more of a challenge and make sure you are changing up your routine.

Specialty Programs

Keep an eye out for our specialized training programs available through The Pursuit! These will be short-term challenges, with specific target goals. Think “New Year’s 30 Day Fix,” or “Shape Up for Summer.” Enrollment for these programs will be for a limited time only, and you will get the support of your trainer as well as your other challenge mates to keep you accountable. These are a great way to vary up your routine and keep your body challenged!