Friday Fitness Feature: Movement SFW (Suitable For Work)

By now we all know that most people in this modern world simply do not move enough. Inactivity levels are at an all time high with increased hours at desk jobs, sitting in the car during rush hour traffic, and couch lounging to relax after a long day of work. People were meant to move … More Friday Fitness Feature: Movement SFW (Suitable For Work)

Proper Breathing

We are back again with another Friday Fitness Feature! Today we are talking about the thing that you should be doing now if you are alive and reading this blog: Breathing! But as some of you may notice, breathing isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be, especially during exercise or times … More Proper Breathing

Fit For the Future

Last Friday at work I attended a ceremony where the guest speaker, Dr. Russell Pate from the University of South Carolina gave a very informative presentation titled “The Kids of Generation Z – Will They Be Active, Fit and Healthy?” Dr. Pate’s presentation focused mainly on the prevalent childhood obesity trend happening in the United States and … More Fit For the Future