Hump Day Highlight

Yesterday was such a nice day that once I got home from work Chester and I decided that we would go slacklining by the river. See, exercising doesn’t always mean working out in a gym. It can also mean going outside to play and be active! To get your own slackline, simply visit our Just … More Hump Day Highlight

The Row

This week’s training topic is about a pulling motion called the row. This movement can take many different forms such as a seated row, bent-over row, or even an inverted row, but the idea is still the same. The row can encompass movements of pulling objects toward you from a level height, picking up objects … More The Row


Cheers to the weekend! Usually at the end of a week people want to let loose and indulge themselves for a day or two. That is certainly fine every now and then, but going overboard on sweets/snacks/alcohol every weekend can seriously hinder any progress you are trying to make on your health. That’s why we … More Tea

Fit For the Future

Last Friday at work I attended a ceremony where the guest speaker, Dr. Russell Pate from the University of South Carolina gave a very informative presentation titled “The Kids of Generation Z – Will They Be Active, Fit and Healthy?” Dr. Pate’s presentation focused mainly on the prevalent childhood obesity trend happening in the United States and … More Fit For the Future

The Push-Up

Believe it or not, you actually push a lot of things throughout the day. Think about how just today you probably got out of bed, pushed a door open, pushed a grocery cart or a stroller, closed your car door, pushed the door to your washer or dryer shut, or got up off the floor … More The Push-Up