Health and Fitness Consulting

It has been a little while since my last post, but trust me it’s been for a good reason. I have been steadily planning out how to add a health and fitness consulting aspect to Happily Ever Healthy. This endeavor will be much like an online coaching program that will allow individuals interested in improving their health and fitness to choose between tiered programs based on their needs. I have some more logistics to work through before I launch anything officially, but please keep a look out for this in the near future.

health and fitness consulting

I am also offering my personal training services to those people located in the Pittsburgh area. As an exercise physiologist and ACSM certified personal trainer I seek to help those at higher fitness levels achieve their fitness goals, as well as provide rehabilitative physical activity for those needing to improve their overall health. Please see my personal training page if you are interested in my personal training services.

Take a look at our health and fitness consulting plans!

Thanks for keeping updated with all the Happily Ever Healthy happenings!
If you interested in personalized health and fitness consulting, begin your pursuit for a Happily Ever Healthy lifestyle here:

Begin The Pursuit

– Jeff


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