Meal Prep: Getting Started

Happy Monday! Now I know that is not something you typically say or hear, but what if you could make every Monday happy instead of dreadful? One thing we’ve learned is that setting yourself up for success makes a huge impact on your week.  We will share with you our tips for how to properly meal prep as well as what we made that week. Let’s dig in!

The first key to meal prepping is quantity. Now that Jeff and I live together, we have had to pretty much double everything. We generally make two recipes that will serve as lunch and dinner for most of the week. We both work outside of the home, so packing lunch is so important. If you don’t bring your own food, it is easy to get pulled into something quick and cheap like fast food. On occasions when I do not pack lunch, I try to stick to the salad bar in my work cafeteria. I love build-your-own salads because I can control what I am eating and feel good about what is going in my body. However, I do prefer to pack as much as possible. We have a few favorite recipes that we will share with you soon!IMG_0778 (1)

The second key is to make sure you have variety. Personally, I could eat the same thing every day and be completely fine with it. Some people, though, might get bored of their food more easily. Regardless, it is important to make sure you are incorporating a variety of vegetable, proteins, and flavors into your meals. If I ate the same thing all the time, I would probably be lacking some essential nutrients. Mixing it up with different flavors and ethnicities also keeps each meal interesting! It’s a win-win. Last week, for example, Jeff and I made red curry chicken with cauliflower rice and broccoli for lunch, and baked ziti with almond cheese and ground turkey for dinner. Two totally different and delicious meals!

Now, don’t get me wrong, meal prepping is not easy and it takes a lot of work. Usually midway through the week, we have to prep some more chicken and vegetables. If you are prepping with someone else, it helps to divide up the labor. In our home, Jeff makes the meat and I will help out with the vegetable and sides. Figure out what works best for you, and you’ll be wishing everyone a happy Monday soon!


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