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Health and Fitness Consulting for a Happier Life

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Our mission is to make health and fitness attainable and enjoyable to people leading busy lives by offering a variety of consulting programs designed to foster relationships and build community.

We are here to provide you with the skills and knowledge to become your own health and fitness advocate! Not only does Happily Ever Healthy provide you with individualized and convenient fitness programming, but we have plans designed specifically for couples so you can workout with a friend, partner, or significant other!

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Feel free to look around. We have a lot of information to offer about healthy living and eating. Along with training and fitness topics, you’ll find nutrition resources and some of our favorite recipes you can cook with someone special!

Check out our story below to learn more about us and how we got started:

Happily Ever Healthy Beginnings

“The Happily Ever Healthy experience has kept me motivated to go to the gym and have an effective workout while I’m there. On days that I don’t attend a class led by an instructor I often felt like my workouts weren’t doing too much because my knowledge was limited when it came to equipment. The two workouts provided were easy to do at the gym, and the third was great to do at home when my day was busier than others. Having a planned out workout to review in advance made me feel more comfortable going to the gym and performing there. My consultant was available daily via text or phone call for advice on the workouts provided. He checked in regularly and was open to modifying workouts based on my needs. Working with Happily Ever Healthy has added value to my life by keeping me motivated daily!”

“Happily Ever Healthy is a great way to jumpstart your goals. My initial consultation made me aware of how unhealthy of a lifestyle I was living. Happily Ever Healthy gave me the tools to start gradually improving my health choices! They have plans to choose from that fit your lifestyle. Even if you think you know it all, Happily Ever Healthy can prove you wrong!”


“The customized plan created for me helped me form a better gym routine to obtain my goals! Working with my Happily Ever Healthy consultant held me more accountable to my plan and it created a need for me to push myself a little bit harder.”





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