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Happily Ever Healthy

Modern Fitness for the Modern Life


Our mission is to make health and fitness attainable and enjoyable to people leading busy lives by offering a variety of online fitness programs.

We are here to provide you with the skills and knowledge to become your own health and fitness advocate!

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Hi! We are Maxine and Jeffrey, and we are so glad you are here! Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, we hope you can find some value from all of the information we have to offer. We founded Happily Ever Healthy in 2017 to encourage people to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. That is our mutual passion.



Online Fitness Training

gymGO_SocialToolkit_FB_4The Pursuit is our solution to all the barriers that can get in the way of achieving a healthy and fit life. Thanks to today’s technology, you no longer have to go to a physical gym and meet with a trainer to get a quality exercise program. By signing up for one of our plans and using our app, you get first class workouts designed by an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer that you can do wherever is convenient for you.

Online Fitness Training


Jeff is a great personal trainer. The best thing about him is that he created a workout plan that is best suited to my body type. Jeff is an excellent motivator and this has allowed me to embrace a healthier lifestyle by eating better and working out regularly. I lost more than 30 pounds and … More Muddasir


Jeff is an awesome personal trainer and highly recommend him. He is always tailoring my workout to meet my needs (or where he notices that I need help with), on time, friendly/easy to chat with, and is extremely knowledgeable with years of experience (and certifications). I enjoy all of my sessions with him, and he … More Shreya


Working with Jeff has greatly improved my fitness. We have focused on my needs of strength and tone to the upper body and core. Jeff puts great effort into customizing a training routine specific to my needs and regularly introduces new exercise routines. He is aware of my limitations. Jeff always observes me to make … More Marc


I was always reluctant in hiring a personal trainer but exercising on my own was something unthinkable. Until the day that the physiotherapist demanded to look for one. According to my doctor, I was falling apart!!! Low back pain, hips pain, knees pain and frozen shoulder. So I started with Jeff; Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable … More Elaine



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